Managing Suicidal Clients

CW: This post discusses suicide and suicidal ideation. I understand why the ethical codes are in place around suicide prevention. I get that counselors are at the front of the line in hearing about suicide from their clients and students. I see why laws are in place around continuing education for suicide prevention and havingContinue reading “Managing Suicidal Clients”

Help! I Don’t Like My Client!

Dear Ryan, I am running into a huge issue with one of my clients. I can’t connect with them, and every session is excruciating. I dread our time together. The other day they called and cancelled their session and I instantly felt lighter and my day felt much more manageable. I’ve never run into thisContinue reading “Help! I Don’t Like My Client!”

The Clinical Supervision Power Differential

Dear Ryan, I am a new clinician working toward licensure. The other day, I went into clinical supervision and my supervisor gave me a pound of coffee and said, “I thought of you when I saw this at the grocery store the other day,” and gave it to me. Ryan, I don’t drink coffee! IContinue reading “The Clinical Supervision Power Differential”